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Hello, World!

Welcome to the Opentracker Web API, use it to create your own world of reports, insert custom data to our servers, and query our data in realtime to manipulate your own site. For example A/B testing, dynamic form building, or serving content based on geographic location.

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What is a Web API?

The basic answer is 'communication between two machines'. The exciting answer is our new black box technology. Send us any event signal at any volume for storage. You can then query the data and generate any report you can think of.

Reading Data

You can use the Opentracker web API to read or get data. All reports are available as api calls. You can chain, link or combine api data to create reports which are customized or more advanced than those available in the default GUI available through

Writing Data

You can use the Opentracker API to write or add data. Inserting data (events) can be done by submitting an event to our logging servers with a secure https request. The API has been designed to be fast, redundant, fault tolerant, and to scale for high event volume.

Web, App or Big Data

Use Opentracker to log/read any data real-time and create custom reports. We can insert, store, and retrieve data from any signal sent over the net. Please contact us to have your special needs met.


To get started we have created numerous examples to make it very easy for you to dive in and start using your data. Please see the examples page for moreā€¦ examples :)

Supported Formats

We currently support the following formats: json, cvs, jsontable, PDF , svg and html. More file formats can be added upon request.

We would love to hear your feedback. Please use the facebook comment box below