Big Data Web Service

Welcome to Opentracker's big data analytics web service (API). We provide an open service to measure Internet-connected devices. Invest in studying your users, their needs and behavior. Create your own custom reports, build profiles, and process data with this API. Respond quickly by querying your data realtime. Read our tutorials and start reporting today.

Web, app & big data

Securely track, monitor, and generate real-time reports for any device connected to the Internet, without having to worry about the structure, performance, schema or volume of the data you collect.

This API enables developers to log and store activity from an Internet-connected device and create value from the event-streams. Examples include understanding your customer's behavior on tablets, generating leads for a sales team, and predicting browser trends.

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Read & Write Data

You can use the Opentracker's web API and analytics engine to read & write your data, and create reports. All reports are available as API calls (see the navigation on the left). Combine API data to create customized reports or use the standardized Opentracker GUI

Adding events and properties can be done by submitting an event to our logging servers with a secure https request. The API has been designed to be fast, redundant, fault tolerant, and to scale to your business needs & resources. To get started please read: inserting events with a url


We have created examples that show how developers can add value to data.

Here are some examples using the API

We would love to make more examples, please send us a request if you would like an example to be added. Please see the examples page for more... examples :)

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