Note: This API call only works with the new Opentracker Events Engine, please contact us for upgrading to this new technology.

Top Properties

Display and analyze properties of your events in website traffic on a particular day.

Display and analyze events and properties through time.

API Usage

This API produces a json array. Use this URL to perform GET or POST requests.


At least one of the following parameters are required:

login Your opentracker login email. Default is [].
password Your password.
ticketId A ticketId can be used to provide credentials with an expiring token. A ticketId can be used instead of a login/ password combination. Further information can be found here.
date Calculate custom events from specified date entered as yyyy-MM-dd. Default is the current date.
period The time-range considered for calculating top custom events with respect to the date. Example: 3d for 3 days offset. Default is 1d.
property Name of the property. Default is [apple].
rows Total numbers to return. The default is [1000].
site The site for which to display data. The default is [your-registered-app-name].
dataType The dataType parameter determines the format of the data returned. Values can be [ json ] | html | jsondatatable | jsonjqgrid
segment The segment.
ignoreLocale Ignore the locale names. Default is [false]|true.
counterName The name of the counter column (defaults to events), sets ignoreLocale to true


You can experiment with properties by reading this link

Trying the following javascript examples:

After providing some data, you can show properties for the website "your-registered-app-name":
HTTP GET/ POST:top_properties.jsp?site=your-registered-app-name&property=apple&dataType=html&

To show total custom events on a particular date and display in html:
HTTP GET/ POST:top_properties.jsp?site=your-registered-app-name&property=apple&dataType=html&date=2012-09-13&

This box is an iframe with the API data.

To show total custom events on a segment.
HTTP GET/ POST:top_properties.jsptop_properties.jsp?site=your-registered-app-name&property=apple&date=2012-09-13&dataType=html&segment=country&

This box is an iframe with the API data.


If errors are encountered, the first encountered error will be returned of form "Error: exception: message

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