Management - Get timezones

Use this to get available timezones for a site

API Usage

In order to find the the timezones in an account for a particular site, use this URL to perform a GET or POST request. Api returns the preferred timezone. If more than one timezone is defined for the account then the timezones are ordered and the first one is returned. The top timezone in this order is used. The order is: 'EST', 'PST', 'MST', 'ECT', 'IST', 'America/New_York', 'America/Los_Angeles', 'Europe/Moscow', 'Europe/Amsterdam','Europe/London', 'Europe/Athens','UTC' and then alphabetical.
If a three letter timezone is defined (eg EST) then the timezone is converted to the city that uses it (eg America/New_York).


The following parameters are optional:

site the site to get the timezone for.


To request all timezones:
To request timezones corresponding to a specific site use:
HTTP GET/ POST: get_timezone_site.jsp?

Standard response




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