Management - Find User

Use this to find a user

API Usage

In order to find the users in an account, use this URL to perform a GET or POST request.


The following parameters are required:

administrator: the admintrator requesting the site/ server mappings
password the password of the administrator
site OPTIONAL. A specific site to request a server mapping for


To request all user mappings for an account:
HTTP GET/ POST: find_users.jsp?

To request a site/ users mapping:
HTTP GET/ POST: find_users.jsp?

Standard response

Page returns (a multi-line) tab delimited text formatted as: ' role '. Where is the user who can view the site, and role is the role of the user (administrator, super user, standard user).


site is unknown in administrator's account.
administrator is not supplied.
password is not supplied.
No data profile for administrator.
Password is not correct for administrator.
Illegal role for administrator email (user not administrator).
Illegal number of administrators.
Illegal administrator for site.

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