Management - Add User

Use this to add a user

API Usage

In order to add a site and/ or user to your account, use this URL to perform a GET or POST request.


The following parameters are required:

administrator the admintrator adding the site/ user account
password the password of the administrator
url the url to be added/ used (eg.
timezone the timezone for the site [EST] | CST | PST | CET | JST | ...
user the user that should see the stats
userPassword the user's password
role the role the user will get for the site/ url. [standard user] | super user


HTTP GET/ POST: add_user.jsp?

Standard response

Page returns 'success ' when all is well.


User's email is not valid.
url is not supplied.
url given is wrong format. Correct format is: 'http://www.mydomain.tld'.
administrator is not supplied.
password is not supplied.
No data profile for administrator.
Password is not correct for administrator.
No sites for administrator.
Illegal management operation.
Illegal role for administrator email (user not administrator).
Illegal number of administrators.
Illegal administrator for site.
Error when saving the user/ site combination.
Error when creating user role for this site.
Error in creating an account.
User cannot be administered by named administrator.
Illegal number of records for user in system.
Error when saving a user password combination.
Error when creating the new user.
Role already exists.
Error while setting role.

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