Technical - OS / Platforms

Display a list of operating systems used by your website visitors.

API Usage

This API produces a json array.


One or more of the following parameters are required:

date Calculate the operating systems from the specified date entered as yyyy-MM-dd. Default is the current date.
unixTime Calculate the operating systems from the specified unix timestamp. Default is the current unix timestamp.
period Specify the period:

  • d for days, eg: period=14d will show 14rows with daily trends, period=d defaults to 1 day
  • w for weeks, eg: period=12w will show 12 rows with weekly trends, period=w defaults to 1 week
  • m for months, eg: period=4m will show 4 rows with monthly trends, period=m defaults to 1 month

detailLevel The detail level; the operating system including version, or only the operating system. no version | [version].
timeZone Calculate the operating systems for the specified timezone. Default is the site's defined timezone.

Optional parameters:

login Your opentracker login email. Default is [].
password Your password.
ticketId A ticketId can be used to provide credentials with an expiring token. A ticketId can be used instead of a login/ password combination. Further information can be found (\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat\\n\\tat org.apache.taglibs.standard.tag.common.core.ImportSupport.acquireReader(\\n\\t... 29 more\\n"} ] }