To use Opentracker API, you should have a basic familiarity with software development, Web services, and the user interface.

API Access

Any functionality described in this guide is available only if your organization has the API feature enabled. This feature can be enabled for Enterprise Editions, other organizations may apply to have the API enabled. If you cannot access the features you see in this guide, contact

So before you can begin using the API, you will need to contact and request to activate the API so that you can login

Assumptions and Approach

Development Environment

Before you begin building an integration or other client application:
Install your development platform according to its product documentation.
Read through all the steps before beginning this quick start. You may also wish to review the rest of this document to familiarize yourself with terms and concepts.

How the API and documentation is organized

There are currently 7 main sections:

  • Inserting data
  • Views
  • Trends
  • Top lists
  • Technical Data
  • Geo / location data
  • Management

Conventions used in the API documentation


Parameters are in written in red: parameters

Code result sample:

{ "resultsList": [
"raw url":"http:\/\/",
"raw url":"http:\/\/\/loginpage",
"raw url":"http:\/\/\/article\/hits-or-pageviews",

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