Note: This documentation is for Opentracker's events engine, please contact us if you think you need an upgrade.

Adding properties

Before proceeding, be sure to read Inserting event data the basics.

All Users, sessions and events can have properties.

  • A property is a name/ value pair you add to your events, to describe the event specifics or give it meaning; Wikipedia describes this concept: name/ value pairs.
  • You can set the properties of an event. These properties are automatically passed to the parent objects: users and sessions. After inserting an event with property name/ value, the session and user will also have this property name/ value.
  • The last provided property will be stored and can easily be updated by sending the same name with a new value.
  • At a minimum you need to send two (2) properties: The site/ app name si that should be registered and an event property, see below for examples. The engine will generate the user, sessions and events.
  • You can send as many events as you like.
  • You can add as many properties to an event as you want.

Properties that effect the user interface

If you are using Opentracker's javascript or native app libraries, you automatically collect a wide range of properties.
An example of what can be displayed is demonstrated in the screenshot of the visitor's profile (image displayed above).
Certain properties are reserved properties, these properties are used by the Opentracker engine to help render specific features or calculate certain reports.

User interface properties

The following properties automatically get updated in the user interface:

Property Function
browser the browser being used for this request (automatically detected from the user agent if not given)
browserVersion the browser version being used for this request (automatically detected from the user agent if not given)
connection the connection for this request, for example Cable or ADSL (automatically detected if not given)
email Email address of a user
platform the platform making this request (Eg Windows/ OS X). If not given, then this is automatically detected from the user agent.

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